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ProShow Web and SmugMug Speed Workflow and Grow Business for Mompreneur

Mompreneur relies on innovative photo sharing tools and social media for viral marketing

Austin TX, September 19, 2011 - Slideshow tool provider Photodex today announced that Dawn McCarthy, a photographer and mompreneur based in Jacksonville, Florida, has grown her business by 30 percent annually using the company’s slideshow tool ProShow Web. Since Dawn began working with Photodex, she has been able to create more professional and impactful slideshows and increased her client’s satisfaction significantly. She estimates that 25 percent of her business comes from slideshow viewings, which are largely shared via Facebook and her own blog. Dawn also speeded her workflow with the recent Photodex/SmugMug partnership. Now when creating a slideshow in ProShow Web, photos can be pulled directly from SmugMug galleries (instead of uploading them twice), saving her hours of time for each slideshow. As a SmugMug Pro user, Dawn is able to take advantage of online photo sharing, ecommerce, print and backup solutions to enhance her business.

The Background

It all started when Dawn McCarthy left the corporate insurance world right before the birth of her first son. She wanted to stay home with him, but was open to working part-time. Dawn’s best friend’s sister was getting married and needed a photographer. McCarthy had always wanted to be a photographer, but taking pictures had been nothing more than a hobby. She took the job with the client’s understanding that she was a novice. After putting the album together, she discovered the imagery was exactly the look she had envisioned. She knew right away photography was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Additionally, photography still allowed her the privilege of being home to take care of her two young boys.

Word spread and she eventually began taking on more projects, but she was looking to really get the word out and showcase her talents among new prospective clients. Dawn continually researched tools for her business and noticed another photographer posting slideshows to a gallery. She downloaded a free trial and was hooked instantly.

The Solution

Dawn tried multiple slideshow products and found ProShow Web to be the best for the following features:

  • Comprehensive Set of Tools – ProShow Web offers the most comprehensive set of tools for creating slideshows online including hundreds of drag and drop styles & transitions, a royalty-free music library, built-in video editing, ability to watermark slideshows and crystal-clear HD output.
  • Multiple Output Options – Slideshows can be easily embedded on a blog, website, linked to from a custom un-branded viewing page, sent to Facebook, YouTube or SmugMug and downloaded to burn to DVD or Blu-ray disc. Each slideshow is available to download in 1080p HD quality for Premium subscribers.
  • Web-based Service – Since ProShow Web is online, users have the flexibility of creating a show from any computer (Mac or PC) as long as there’s an internet connection.
  • Customer Service – Photodex offers free, 7-day a week live support even for those trialing the product. Every support person is based in the US and is diligently trained on the product line, with constant on-going training to keep them up-to-date on the latest waves of technical issues that pop up.
  • Large User-base – The ProShow family of HD slideshow tools is used by millions of people to turn their photos and videos into amazing stories for any screen at home, online and on-the-go. With a high level of users it’s easy to find answers to questions on popular forums such as the ProShow Enthusiasts Forum and the vibrant Photodex Facebook group.

Supporting Quotes – Dawn McCarthy, Photographer:

  • “Slideshows are a huge emotion provoker. Many of my new clients come from people who have seen one of my slideshows featuring some of their personal friends and families. Brides that don’t have a videographer especially appreciate slideshows, as they provide the simulation of movement and emotion of the day. It gives that similar feel as if watching it in motion.”
  • “Using ProShow Web is so simple and fast. I love the control over the transitions for each individual frame.”
  • “With the new SmugMug integration, I can give my clients an immediate preview and present a complete slideshow within a couple of hours.”
  • “Creating slideshows with ProShow Web literally saves me hours on every single slideshow I create.”
  • "I love the fact that I can post each slideshow with my own logo branded link onto Facebook."

Tips from the Pro

Dawn offered the following tips for creating slideshows:

  • For maximum social media exposure, upload directly to Facebook, posting the slideshow on your wall as well as your featured clients wall. Upload to your slideshow gallery on SmugMug and finally, blog about each slideshow.
  • Be sure to set up your unbranded ProShow Web settings prior to uploading your slideshow to Facebook
  • Figure out which transitions you dislike and turn them off prior to creating your slideshows…great time saver
  • Edit your video clips to 25 seconds before dragging them into your slideshow
  • Decide which images in your slideshow are to be "showcased" and apply a single frame lengthier transition to those particular images

About Photodex

Photodex helps consumers and professional photographers create unique slideshows that transform their digital memories into something special. The ProShow family of HD slideshow tools is used by millions of people to turn their photos and videos into amazing stories for any screen at home, online and on-the-go. With more than 30 years of digital imaging experience, we're serious about slideshows and dedicated to delivering exceptional products, support and service to our customers.


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