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ProShow Slideshow Software Underpins Success of Top Wedding Photographer

Top International Wedding Photographer Mark Ridout Relies on Video Slideshows for Viral Marketing; Increased Revenue Annually by 10%.

Austin TX, August 16, 2011 - Slideshow tool provider Photodex today announced that top Canadian wedding photographer Mark Ridout has grown his business more than 10% annually since using the company’s ProShow slideshow software. Ridout, who was recently named “One of Canada’s Most Inspiring Wedding Photographers 2011” by Wedding Bells magazine, has become one of the leading users of ProShow slideshows to showcase his work for the last 7 years. Mark has also capitalized on the viral and emotional nature of slideshows with the use of social media tools, such as Facebook and YouTube, which have drawn an exponential amount of new visitors, notoriety and interest to his site from around the world.

The Background

It all started when Mark Ridout began taking pictures as a young boy. “I always had a camera in my hands growing up and made a dark room when I was just 17 years old.” Mark never imagined his hobby would eventually turn into such a wildly successful photographic career, but in 1980 he had a friend who asked if he would shoot his wedding. Eventually one wedding led to two and every year he picked up more and more work.

Mark had built a steady business, but wanted to make a bigger impact with the pictures he’d taken for his brides. His still photography was beautiful in itself, but he felt a slideshow could really showcase his talents, help increase his client base and grow sales.

He searched for slideshow software and bought a basic program online. His first slideshow proved it could stir more emotion than individual images after he presented it to a bride and she immediately started crying. Mark had never experienced that kind of reaction before. He liked the impact it created, but he wanted a software tool that was more professional.

The Solution

After studying the market further, he decided on Photodex’s ProShow Producer slideshow software for the following reasons:

Comprehensive Set of Tools – ProShow Producer offers the most comprehensive set of tools that includes 700 styles & transitions, motion effects, timing control, instant show creation, keyframe animations, image editing, video and song trimming, custom branding, watermark protection, customized soundtracks and voiceovers, and caption creation.

Multiple Output Options - With over 40 popular formats for watching on TV, online, and other devices, ProShow Producer easily allows the posting of shows on Facebook and YouTube. Users may also burn their shows directly to DVD, Blu-ray and CD or add a professional touch with Hollywood-style movie menus.

Web-based program – Photodex’s newest tool, ProShow Web, offers one of the only web-based professional slideshow capabilities on the market. Slideshows can be created online and fine-tuned on a user’s desktop with ProShow Producer.

Customer Service – Photodex offers free, 24x7, live support even for those trialing the product. Every support person is based in the US and is diligently trained on the product line, with constant on-going training to keep them up-to-date on the latest waves of technical issues that pop up. With more than 20 years of digital imaging experience, the group is serious about slideshows and dedicated to delivering exceptional products, support and service to customers.

Large User-base – The ProShow family of HD slideshow tools is used by millions of people to turn their photos and videos into amazing stories for any screen at home, online and on-the-go. With a high level of users it’s easy to find answers to questions on popular forums such as and the vibrant ProShow community on Facebook.

Supporting Quotes

Mark Ridout, Photographer

  • “Creating slideshows allowed my business to reach more people. Bookings to Cuba, Jamaica, France, England, Cayman Islands, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Brazil, USA and locations throughout Canada would not have come my way had I not been using ProShow Producer to create slideshows. The impact has been huge!”
  • “Watching my clients’ expressions as they view their slideshow for the first time in Blu-ray is one of the best parts of being a photographer. The emotion, music and images usually bring tears.”
  • "For photographers wishing to grow their business, I would say never underestimate the importance of sharing online, creating and marketing with slideshows.”

Paul Schmidt, Founder and President of Photodex

  • “Working with photographers like Mark is what we got into this business for. We’re always encouraged to know that by offering these tools, photographers are able to capitalize on sales they might have otherwise lost.”

Tips from the Pro

  • Mark believes slideshows are the most natural and interesting way to showcase photographic talents so he always included them for free in his wedding packages.
  • Once Mark completes a slideshow, he presents them to the newlyweds, who are typically so moved emotionally by their viewing experience, that they have tears of joy. They want to share the slideshow with family and friends, and so on.
  • Mark also offers brides the ability to purchase slideshow CDs or DVDs to be used as thank you cards. So instead of a bride simply sending thank-you notes she includes a disc with a note, so all the guests can also relive the day whenever they want.
  • Mark uploads the slideshows to his blog, as well as YouTube and Facebook, which allows customers to easily share them with their entire network of friends. The viral nature of these slideshows creates more interest to his site and business, and he is able to track the resulting visitors and viewings for each slideshow quickly and easily.
  • Mark originally included slideshows as part of each package for brides, but now that he has plenty of work on display for potential new customers, he decided to begin offering them a la cart. “They’re a nice value-add that helps me secure more work.”
  • Throughout his 30 year career, Mark has become one of the leading users of photographic slideshows. His secret to creating memorable slideshows is trying not to add too many effects. He typically starts each slideshow with a funky beginning using a portion of a video, adding basic soft movements and only one or two styles. “It’s important to not to get carried away when adding effects, says Mark. “Let the photography do most of the work.”
Ridout Photography

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