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Photodex Presents CompuPic 32: Offering Full Support For Windows 95 and NT

The cleanest, fastest and easiest way to view and manage graphic files.

Austin TX, February 01, 1996 - Photodex, Inc. today announced the 32-bit version of CompuPic, one of the most popular graphics file Viewer /Image Enhancer/Browser/ Multimedia file manager programs in the on-line world. Matching advanced optimization technologies with an intuitive interface, CompuPic 32 fully exploits the power of Window 95 and NT. The 16-bit version of CompuPic remains the company's solution for Windows 3.1x platforms.

CompuPic is optimized for both the experienced graphics enthusiast as well as the beginning user. It has an intuitive interface that incorporates sophisticated features and speed. CompuPic brings intuitive, optimized and multitasking image viewing and editing capabilities to all users - nothing to learn, just click and view!

"CompuPic's multitasking architecture and advanced graphics processing capabilities make it the fastest viewer available. It's graphic-centric logic - as opposed to file-centric logic - ensures the highest quality graphic presentation," said Paul Schmidt, VP of Technology.

"Now that a user has downloaded or owns products with all of those photos, clip-art and sound files, how would they most efficiently view them," asked Bonnie Murphy, Vice President, Marketing. "The CompuPic Multimedia Viewer is the only program one would now need to view and organize graphics files, sound or video files, to visually browse thumbnails, enhance photos or move them between applications. No longer is it necessary to have a variety of programs for each type of file."

CompuPic supports all popular graphics formats including JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PCD, PCX , WMF, AVI, MIDI, MOV, TEXT, WAV and PNG, among others. It is a complete graphics utility, that allows the user to view a graphic file, play a sound or video file, visually browse thumbnails of files, enhance that old family photo, organize pictures into a picture index or cut & paste all or part of a graphic into another Windows application.

CompuPic consists of an Explorer-like user interface. It combines viewing, playback, thumbnailing, editing, cataloging, browsing, screensaver/ wallpaper and file management into one single graphics utility.

With true multitasking, CompuPic users can generate thumbnails, create picture indexes, print or copy/move files in the background -- all while continuing to view, browse, edit and convert their graphic / multimedia files.

CompuPic is professionally developed and supported by Photodex Corporation. Focused on "try before you buy" software sales, Photodex offers an unlimited risk-free trial period of the fully-functional program. CompuPic's small size allows for a fast and efficient download, about 4 minutes.

Scott Schinlever, President and CEO of Photodex added, " By focusing on "try before you buy" distribution of our products, we are placing Photodex at the forefront of the future of software product sales and distribution. Our charter is to continue to provide innovative, powerful and easy-to-use graphics-related software products. We will continue to couple these products with superior technical support and easy upgrade paths."

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