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Photodex Announces Public Beta for Award Winning Multimedia CompuPic32 Viewer

Media PA, October 8, 1995 - WUGNET, the Windows Users Group Network, and Photodex Corporation today announced the exclusive open beta of CompuPic32, the powerful graphics viewer that offers powerful image optimization for graphic professionals or novice users, from Photodex Corporation. The beta, available exclusively on WUGNET's Windows Users Forum (GO WINUSER), offers use of CompuPic32 prior to public release, and prizes for the best feedback suggestions.

CompuPic32 brings intuitive, optimized and multi-tasking image viewing and editing capabilities to the desktop of any user, regardless of their experience with images and graphics -- There is nothing to learn, just click and view! Whether you need to view a graphic file, play a sound or video file, visually browse thumbnails of your files, enhance that old family photo, organize pictures into a picture index or cut & paste all or part of a graphic into another Windows application -- CompuPic32 is the only tool you will need.

CompuPic32's exclusive multi-tasking capability fully exploits the power of Windows 95/NT. Now users can generate thumbnails, create picture indexes, print or copy/move files in the background -- all while continuing to view, browse, edit and convert their graphic/multimedia files. In summary, NO MORE WAITING!

CompuPic32 will be made available to WUGNET members in CompuServe's Windows Users Forum (GO WINUSER). The Windows Users Forum is a global online resource for CompuServe's Windows users, offering exclusive files, beta test opportunities, featured discussions with book authors, journalists, and vendors. In addition, the forum features an exchange of news and opinions covering all Windows environments, including Microsoft @ Deadline, Internet Gizmos, Windows @ Deadline, Windustry Trends, Industry Roadkill and a special new section covering Microsoft's new hand held Windows operating system CE, code named Pegasus. The WINUSER Forum is currently offering several open public beta test programs including Quarterdeck's WebCompass 2.0.

"The Photodex development team did an incredible job in bringing their Windows 16 bit edition to the Windows 32 bit platform. The increased performance and newly added features will make CompuPic32 an essential tool for every Windows NT and Windows 95 desktop user," says Joel Diamond, Technical Director of WUGNET. "WUGNET is pleased to host Photodex's CompuPic32 beta on WINUSER because their product represents state of the art 32 bit image viewing and features. Members who participate in the beta will benefit from the excellent technical support provided by our online staff."

"We are very pleased to be working with WUGNET exclusively on the first open public beta for CompuPic32, especially as CompuServe users move into the 32-bit world with CIM 3.0." said Scott Schinlever, President of Photodex. "CompuPic32 will be the standard in graphics viewing and file management. Once you use CompuPic32, with its exclusive multitasking capability and the fastest jpeg reader available, it is difficult to go back to other graphic utilities that make you wait."

The full product will be available for purchase directly from Photodex for $39.95. Focused on "try before you buy" software sales, Photodex offers an unlimited risk-free trial period, where CompuPic32 is fully functional. CompuPic32's small download size allows for a fast and efficient download, and is one-half to one-third the size of similar programs. Installation occurs in under one minute, and the built in help gets users up and running instantly.

About Photodex

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