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Photodex Releases Picture Factory Set 1

A Desktop Publishing Tool With Over 2,500 Photos

Livermore CA, February 1, 1994 - A new CD-ROM desktop publishing tool, Picture Factory Set 1, was launched by Photodex on February 1, 1994. This is the first in a line of many desktop publishing (DTP) discs designed to provide the graphic designer, art director, corporate communications department or individual the opportunity to instantly integrate photographs into word processing, desktop publishing and paint programs.

You don't have to be a computer genius or have a large budget to be able to use this innovative desktop publishing tool. Imagine, over 2,500 photographs of people, scenery, business, travel, space, backgrounds and more are instantly available!! Whether you are looking for photos of ethnic business people, a man on the moon, a mountain lake, or a romantic couple with a sunset, Picture Factory Set 1 has photos that can be instantly cut and pasted into DTP applications.

Anyone with a CD-ROM drive can easily use this DTP tool.. With its user friendly Photodex Search Software, Picture Factory allows the user to type descriptions using everyday language and view photos as they are found. In addition, pull-down menus help locate categories instantly.

Before this royalty free, DTP photo collection was available, companies and individuals found stock photos very costly to integrate into DTP projects. For example, a user could pay $2,000 for a licensing fee from a stock photo agency or even $3,000 for a custom photo session. All of Picture Factory Set 1's photographs are royalty free, and fully model released. The end-user has licensed rights to use and publish all the photographs at the point of purchase.

The only limitations are that Picture Factory photos cannot be resold as part of other collections or distributed electronically via modem.

This collection of digital photos is a great addition to Microsoft Word., WordPerfect, Lotus Ami Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Aldus Pagemaker, Aldus Photostyler, QuarkXpress, Corel Draw, and many other programs. All photos can be imported to the applications mentioned above, plus most other design, paint and word processing applications.

Designed for today's high-powered desktop computers, Picture Factory Set 1 takes advantage of current display technology and fast processors. It is available for either Macintosh or PCs. Picture Factory is available for Macintosh, MS-DOS and Windows operating systems. The CD-ROM format is either ISO 9660 (for PC's) or HFS (for Macintosh), and will work with any CD-ROM drive (XA option not required). Macintosh requires at least a 12" color monitor, with 256 color or gray scale settings, 8MB of RAM and System 7x. The PC version requires SVGA, at least 4MB of RAM, 1MB of free fixed disk space and DOS 5.x. The Windows version requires Windows 3.1 or later, 4MB of RAM and 1MB of free fixed disk space. Photodex will release three more Picture Factory sets in the next six months, with each library of photos having a variety of topics. Photodex will also release specialty discs that cover one or two topics in 1994.

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