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Slideshows: Click-And-Go Or Customize

Professional Photographer · February 2018
If you’ve been around the photography industry for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of ProShow Producer from Photodex. ProShow Producer is a full-featured video slideshow maker with plenty of customization options for users who want control over every detail. Read more »


Photodex Releases ProShow 9 – Introducing New Creative Tools, Filters and 4K Video

NewTechReview · October 2017
Photodex has announced version 9 of its award-winning ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer slideshow tools. ProShow is an easy-to-use software for Windows that allows photographers and enthusiasts to create high quality photo, video and audio slideshows. Read more »

ProShow 9 Introduces 4K Video Slideshows

ProVideo Coalition · August 2017
Slideshows in 4K in ProShow 9 come with a faster video output and a centralized interface to manage videos. 4K video is a feature for both the professional ProShow 9 Producer and the Gold version, for enthusiasts. Read more »

Take Your Slideshows to the Next Level with ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer

Rangefinder · August 2017
Now in version 9, both iterations of this slideshow/multimedia program have been updated with a number of new features designed to make you and your slideshows even more creative with less effort than before. Read more »


ProShow Web Product Review

Shutter Magazine · May 2016
See why ProShow Web is Sal Cincotta’s choice for slideshow software. Watch this product review video. Read more »

13 Most Entrepreneur-Friendly Design Tools

Design for Founders · May 2016
"ProShow Web is a simple app for stitching together photos and graphics into a video. The free version will allow up to 15 images, perfect for a simple 'top 10' YouTube video." Read more »

ProShow 7 Expands Music Library

ProVideo Coalition · March 2016
"Music and sound effects are, many times, a headache for videographers and photographers. Fortunately, some programs have a music library included which can be used freely. Some even offer free expansions of that library, as is the case with ProShow 7." Read more »


ProShow Web: A Fresh Look for Today's Photographer

Shutter Magazine · June 2015
"If you are not using slideshows today, I have no idea what you are waiting for. It's a huge value-add for your clients. If you are using slideshows but feel like you need a little extra control, branding and overall 'umph,' check out Photodex’s ProShow Web. I promise you will not be disappointed." - Sal Cincotta Read more »

ProShow 7 Review

WPPI Online · May 2015
"With the proliferation of video, Photodex also enhanced video options from input (4K and longer clips), encoding (file sizes are smaller but quality is better) and output. With ProShow Producer, you can even output to HTML 5, although both have DVD and Blu-Ray options as well." Read more »

ProShow 7: Go From 4K to HTML5

Pro Video Coalition · May 2015
"ProShow is mainly a tool for creating video slideshows from photographs, it also allows the use of video clips, meaning it can be a unique 'bridge' tool for photographers extending their work in that direction. In fact, if you're like me, you'll keep using it to tell stories mixing the two mediums." Read more »

Product Spotlight: ProShow Web App

Zenfolio · January 2015
"I am a wedding photographer, so it is easy to see why an app that allows me to show a video slideshow of images to my clients might come in handy. I installed Photodex’s ProShow app on my iPad and was really pleased with its features. I definitely recommend this app to other wedding and portrait photographers because it’s an elegant way to present the finished product to clients." Read more »


Rangefinder Hot Product Buyer's Guide Pick

Rangefinder Magazine · October 2014
"Defining ProShow Producer as a slideshow tool is an understatement since it handles all kinds of media. You're unlikely to find another application that comes close to Producer's range of features." Read more »

ProShow Web App Update Adds Control and Capability

Professional Photographer Magazine · August 2014
"Photodex has released a new version of their iOS app which provides a stylish new user interface, more custom controls and effects, text and caption options, better downloading and sharing tools and more. The original app was nice, but I have to say I like all the improvements." Read more »

Best Apps for Wedding Photographers · June 2014
"If you've ever used any of Photodex's desktop products, you know that this company is one of the best slideshow software developers around. With ProShow Web, you get advanced features, ease of use and plenty of templates (there are three dozen templates for weddings alone)..." Read more »

The Best Slideshow Software Has a New Version

Pro Photo Coalition · March 2014
"With an user-friendly interface that has been continuously refined from edition to edition, the program is a joy to use, either on the domestic version, ProShow Gold 6, which is more than enough for the needs of most users, or on the professional ProShow Producer..." Read more »

Photodex Customer Support Wins Best in Biz Award

Best in Biz Awards · March 2014
"This year's Best in Biz Awards' winners are truly outstanding; they embody excellence in the business and technology industries by demonstrating passion and dedication to their work," said Jonathan Roubini, leading technology expert and editor in chief of Lab Reviews. Photodex's customer support team won Silver in the Best in Biz awards for having outstanding customer service. Read more »

Best Slideshow Software: ProShow Gold 6

Top Ten Reviews · February 2014
"ProShow Gold has the features you need to create a beautiful photo slideshow that you and your audience will enjoy. This slideshow software is our TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award winner because it offers a large feature set, a user-friendly interface and stunning slideshow quality." Read more »


Creating Pro-Quality Shows On-the-Go

Nikon Digital · November, 2013
"Photodex provides a really-well-done, free app for iOS that makes it a breeze to create slideshows directly from your iPhone or iPad. It packs essentially all the power of the web interface into a slick touch-based iOS version." Read more »

A Look at New ProShow Web Features

Professional Photographer Magazine · September, 2013
"I was impressed with the ProShow Web improvements and look forward to using the more user-friendly interface to create shows. The layout now takes full advantage of larger monitors, and the interface makes it very easy to do lots of customizations in short time." Read more »

Weighing the Risks of Sharing Family Photos Online

Austin American Statesman · September, 2013
"But out in the wilderness of Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and dozens of other online photo services, Photodex founder Paul Schmidt says, many people don't think about if what they're posting could be a privacy or safety problem for their kids." Read more »

Tech Tuesday: ProShow Web Update

WPPI Online · August, 2013
"Video slideshows play an ever-increasing role in professional photography, whether it be a motion slideshow as a free add-on for your favorite clients or a paid add-on to photo packages." Read more »

Showing and Sharing: ProShow Gold and Producer

Rangefinder Magazine · April, 2013
"You work hard to make the best images possible and you can't wait to show them off to clients and colleagues. Here are a couple of software applications that are perfect for showing and sharing your images." Read more »

App Smart Extra: Slideshow Apps

New York Times · February, 2013
"On iOS, one powerful app for creating dynamic photo slide shows is ProShow (free on iTunes). The interface is easy to use, and the app tries to do much of the fiddly stuff involved in creating a new slide show by offering you themes." Read more »

Create Engaging Slide Shows with ProShow Gold · February, 2013
"ProShow Gold is a feature-rich program for creating slide shows from your pictures, video clips, and music. It's easy enough to complete a show in less than ten minutes, but with all the customization options available, you may find yourself spending much more time adding effects, synchronizing audio, and personalizing your shows with captions." Read more »


ProShow Web App Review: Photo Funtastic!

Tapscape · December, 2012
"ProShow Web Slideshow Creator is the best iPhone app I’ve used for making slideshows. It’s simple to navigate, comes with tons of great features, and really makes your photos look great when you share them." Read more »

ProShow Web: Easy, Excellent Quality and Cost Effective!

Layers Magazine · December 19, 2012
"For those who aren’t fluent in Adobe After Effects or Premiere, creating professional videos may seem overwhelming, but there are video-production options that offer a WYSIWYG approach." Read more »

ProShow App Mobilizes Slideshow Creation.

Professional Photographer Magazine · December, 2012
"Overall, I enjoyed using the ProShow Web App. I think this could be a really great tool for location or event photographers; for example, if you photograph weddings you could have your assistant create a show of highlights from the day for display at the wedding reception." Read more »

Digital Photo Albums Made Easy.

Austin American Statesman · November 26, 2012
"ProShow Gold can be used to create digital slideshows that can be shared online or on DVD."
Read more »

ProShow Web is my app of choice for making slideshows.

AppCraver · October 31, 2012
"With ProShow Web you can build great photo slideshows on your iPhone or iPad using the pre-set themes. With a little more time, ProShow Web has everything you need to create slideshows on your iPad that turn heads and make desktop users green with envy." Read more »

Photodex has a new StylePack

PIXIQ · June 25, 2012
"I've got a new StylePack to play with on my ProShow slideshow creator. It has some crazy 3D visual effects." Read more »

ProShow Gold 5

Top Ten Reviews · March 21, 2012
"With tons of feature options and high-quality slideshow output, ProShow Gold by Photodex Corporation proves to be a top contender in the field of photo slideshow software. " Read more »

Photodex ProShow 5: Slideshow King Gets More Than a Facelift

Nikon Digital · February 29, 2012
"Over the years the team at Photodex has continued to listen to their users – power and novice alike – and enhance the usability and feature set of both the Gold and Producer versions. Their newest version, 5.0, is no exception to this positive trend." Read more »

Slideshows Increase Business by 60%

PIXIQ · January 10, 2012
"Because of Photodex's ProShow Producer, Abbey Photographers has received thousands of website hits per wedding after posting slideshows online..." Read more »


What to do with your Halloween Photos

Your Digital Life · November 1, 2011
"Creating a slideshow - complete with transition effects and musical accompaniment - is simple." Read more »

ProShow Web and SmugMug Speed Workflow and Grow Business for Mompreneur

San Francisco Chronicle · September 19, 2011
"Dawn McCarthy, a photographer and mompreneur based in Jacksonville, Florida, has grown her business by 30 percent annually using the company's slideshow tool ProShow Web." Read more »

ProShow Slideshows Increase Revenue for Top international Wedding Photographer

PIXIQ · August 16, 2011
"Creating slideshows allowed my business to reach more people. Bookings to Cuba, Jamaica, France, England, Cayman Islands, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Brazil, USA and locations throughout Canada would not have come my way had I not been using ProShow Producer to create slideshows." Read more »

Photodex ProShow Producer - What's Not to Love?

Bright Hub · July 1, 2011
"Photodex ProShow Producer was so fun to play with, it was hard to pull myself away to write this review. ProShow Producer is so easy to use and produces the most amazing slideshows that it makes me want to go through all my photos and use it to create more and more slideshows." Read more »

Slide Styles for ProShow · June 19, 2011
"Unlike other slideshow software packages, ProShow offers a comprehensive solution to creating professional slideshows because it focuses only on this task. One of the best features of the program is the wide range of styles available for slide presentation." Read more »

ProShow Producer Review

All Things Photography · June 2, 2011
"Pro Show Producer will give your entire portfolio, regardless of what you shoot, that professional, competitive edge." Read more »

ProShow Web Review

PUNTO Magazine · May, 2011
"I give Pro Show Web a definite two thumbs up for its ease of use, creative themes, and all of the goodies in between. I'm happy to have the ability to download my shows, (in any version I want) so I can share my work with my clients. Pro Show Web just makes my job a little more efficient about spreading the word on my business. And as photographers, isn't that what we all want?" Read more »

Using ProShow Web and SmugMug

Larissa Photography · April 13, 2011
"SWEET! Looks great, and the whole process was simple. Well done ProShow Web and SmugMug!" Read more »

ProShow Web and Producer Review

Larissa Photography Blog · February, 2011
"ProShow Web along with the companion Producer have some pretty amazing features that the almighty Animoto hasn't even attempted yet." Read more »

ProShow Web Plug-in for Adobe Lightroom

PIXIQ · February, 2011
"Photodex has just released a new version of its ProShow Plug-in for Adobe Lightroom. The plug-in helps photographers quickly create video slideshows by removing all the busy-work involved with preparing photos and importing them into a show." Read more »

ProShow Web Review

Professional Photographer Magazine · January, 2011
"I enjoyed how easy it was to make changes to the show. ProShow allowed me to edit and remix the various components without having to create a duplicate show or start over." Read more »


ProShow Producer Review

Professional Photographer Magazine · October, 2010
"The ProShow Instant Show wizard is not just a poser behind a curtain. The wizard makes it much easier to create a quick and satisfying slide show from ProShow." Read more »

ProShow Producer 4.5 | The slideshow wizard

PIXIQ · October, 2010
"Launched recently, the new Photodex ProShow Producer 4.5 is a major overhaul of the slideshow creator, now with a Wizard that really makes some magic on your workflow." Read more »

ProShow Producer and ProShow Gold 4.5 Review

Digital Home Thoughts · October, 2010
"I'm a big fan of ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer, but have always struggled with some of the more advanced parts of the program. Well, with version 4.5, part of that problem is solved. They've added a new wizard for project creation that I can only describe as phenomenal. " Read more »


Make Gorgeous Slideshows with ProShow Gold

PC World Magazine · August, 2009
"We found that Photodex's ProShow Gold delivers smooth, sophisticated multimedia slideshows, with an emphasis on still photos--though you can use video, too." Read more »

ProShow Producer Review

Photography Voice · July, 2009
"Have you wanted to really wow your clients with a professional slideshow presentation of their images? Then you're going to love ProShow Producer 4 by Photodex." Read more »

Photo Slideshows Go High-Definition

USA Today · May, 2009
"ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer, software programs beloved by photographers, now supports burning to high-definition Blu-ray discs, the next-generation DVD discs." Read more »

ProShow Producer- What's Not to Love?

Bright Hub · July, 2009
"ProShow Producer is so easy to use and produces the most amazing slideshows that it makes me want to go through all my photos and use it to create more and more slideshows." Read more »


ProShow Producer Review

Professional Photographer Magazine · September, 2008
With a strong mix of power and ease of use, Photodex Producer really has a lot going for it. It's easy for anyone to quickly become productive. Yet, it provides the power required to produce very professional looking results." Read more »

To Quad or Not to Quad

Digital Home Thoughts · June, 2008
"Next I tried the ProShow Gold 3.2 test, and this test really showed the power of four cores: the 1080p encoding process was finished in 6 minutes 13 seconds (0.48x realtime) which is an impressive 38% faster." Read more »

Five Star Rating - ProShow Gold

Ephotozine · April, 2008
"I've tried a few slideshow programs and this is by far the most extensive. Whilst the others were part of a multi-feature program, ProShow Gold is dedicated to slideshow production." Read more »


ProShow Gold Reviewed

Maximum PC Magazine · April, 2007
"With its smooth user interface and dizzying number of effects and customizations, ProShow Gold instantly became our favorite slide-show program." Read more »

ProShow Gold 3 Editor's Choice Award + Review

PC Magazine · March, 2007
"ProShow Gold can't be beat for quickly creating and distributing slide shows, or for spending a little longer to create a really professional-looking finished product." Read more »

ProShow Gold 3 Review · March, 2007
"Although Proshow Gold is more expensive than some competing software, it offers a lot of sophistication but still remains easy to use for beginners." Read more »


Right Software turns Shutterbug into Moviemaker

USA Today · August, 2006
"For control freaks who like to greatly fine-tune their productions, ProShow is the best program for mixing pictures and video clips." Read more »
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